Foundation and concealer – basic

Hi all!

I’ve been getting a lot of complains from my friends that they cannot get the right foundation for their face even after they asked for help from the makeup artist in the counter. So, here’s a few tips that you should know when you’re going to buy a foundation.

ALWAYS check the color on your COLLAR BONE. You want the color to match with your neck and chest because it’s easier to bring the color up to your face, than down to your whole body. You do not want that demarkation line on your jaw line.

ALWAYS get a yellow based foundation

ALWAYS check the color in natural light, if there’s none, go home and check it again. Normally the makeup counters allows 7- 30days of return/exchange.

For mature skin: a water-based foundation or a cream foundation might be best for your skin type

Recommended foundations:

1) MAC cream foundations in NCs (not NWs, they are too pinkish) – cream stick foundations or studio tech (for oily skin)/select moisture blend (for dry/normal skin) are good for mature skin

2) MAC liquid foundations in NCs – MAC studio fix fluid (for medium to heavy coverage)

3) MAC face and body foundation in C for mature skin and those that need very sheer coverage (Please be aware to do a patch test on this foundation because I found some people are allergic to this)

4) Laura Mercier Silk foundation – medium to heavy coverage

5) Smashbox High Def foundation – sheer to medium coverage

6) Makeup Forever High Def foundation – medium to heavy coverage

I prefer a medium to heavy coverage because I can always sheer it down with a damp sponge to a sheer coverage

Getting the right concealer (I prefer a cream concealer):

1. Concealer for blemishes should match the colour of your skintone, preferably one with yellow undertone to counteract the redness.
Note: concealer for acne only covers the red color, not the bumps!
2. Concealer for undereyes:
– choose a concealer that’s 1 shade lighter than your skintone and one that has a SALMON/pink undertone to it

Recommended concealer:

1) Eve Pearl duo concealer (the yellow counteracts redness and the salmon counteracts the purpleness of your undereye)

2) Benefit booing – salmon colored concealer no. 2 works for most skin tone

3) Laura Mercier concealer

4) Lise Watier Concealer wheel – the diff colors work for concealing, highlighting and contouring

5) MAC concealer pots in NWs – choose the same number as your foundation but in NWs

6) Ben Nye Concealer wheel – the diff colors work for different skin tones

I find that if I bought a medium to heavy coverage foundation, I don’t need a yellow-based concealer for blemishes or even under-eye concealer. However, if you think you have a really hard to cover under-eyes please do by all means get the concealer. =)

Hope you find it useful!