Halloween Makeup Tips and Questions

Hi beauty lovers,

There’s been a bunch of readers and web surfers who have been trying to find some halloween makeup related posts here on my blog. There are several reasons as to why I didn’t post any halloween makeup step-by-step tutorial: Firstly and the biggest reason why, it’s because I’ve clients for halloween night, so I do not want to reveal their makeup so that my clients can be one of a kind on that night, and lastly because my skin is breaking out like crazy lately due to the weather and the new moisturizer (I need to see a derm).

However, if you have any halloween special requests for tutorial, esp. for non-Canadian readers, I will post the step-by-step tutorial if you message me and if that look is not going to be used for my clients.

Lastly, many people has been asking me the same questiond

Q1: Do you need a primer for halloween makeup?

A: And the answer is YES! You still have to put on moisturizer and primer on your face before you put on any face paints/makeup for halloween. This will provide a barrier between the products that you’ll use for the makeup and your skin. It will also act as a base for your makeup. Definitely a yes.

Q2: where do you get the white foundation/powder for your geisha look?

Ans: you can find the geisha pic here  (photo 15). Use a foundation that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone for a “pale” look (photo 12). In the geisha photo I used the lightest foundation available by L’oreal (W1) and I set it with a powder from Faces cosmetic. You can set it with the same powder by l’oreal as well. For the guy (photo 14) I used face paint (white and red) from Curry’s art store (ca$5/each). I know that MAC pro store carries a powder that’s specially to alter your skin tones called Studio Fix Pastels (about ca$32, l’oreal and faces combined about ca$20)

Alright, so, that’s it for today. Leave me some comments or message me @ jilly.ijoe@gmail.com if you’ve more questions that you want me to answer. Add my facebook group called Kirei Makeup, pop me a message and I can add you as my friend as well. Don’t be shy/afraid. I won’t bite! =)