How to Clean Your Brushes

Cleaning your brushes are essential to keep your skin healthy and not irritated. There are several ways to clean your brushes, but one thing for sure, clean them regularly (at least once a week). I clean my brushes after I applied my makeup. 

So, you can get a brush cleanser or you can use shampoo/conditioner or your facial soap. All of these products will give you the same result – clean brushes.

The most convenient  cleaner is brush cleanser sold by cosmetic companies (MAC, faces, clinique etc). You either spray the cleanser directly to the brush and wipe the brush to a paper towel or you dip your brush to a small amount of the cleanser and wipe it on to the paper towel. This type of brush cleansers dry quickly, disinfect and clean the brushes.

Shampoo/conditioner and facial soap are good products to clean your brushes if you’re under low budget. Clean the brushes like as though you’re cleaning your hair. Apply a small amount of soap/shampoo to the brushes and gently rub the bristles until the you remove all the residues of the cosmetic products. Use a paper towel and gently squeeze the excess water. Leave them to dry.