Product Review – Chanel & Cover Girl mascaras

Beauty lovers,

Yesterday I went down to the mall to restock my chanel inimitable mascara. If you have not already know about it, I’m absolutely in LOVE with inimitable. One of the best mascaras for my lashes. Anyhow, the nice lady in the counter let me know that I should try the new exceptionnel de chanel mascara that just got released and she gave me the small mascara tube sample.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about inimitable and lash blast, so in this post, you’ll be able to see the difference/similarity between lash blast and inimitable. Enjoy the photos. Click to enlarge each photo and for a full description. Oh, and I  just applied 1 coat of mascara. 


Exceptionnel de chanel mascara didn’t live up to my expectations. It didn’t curl my lashes as much as inimitable or even lash blast. The mascara had the tendency to clump and I don’t really like the technique to use this mascara (you’ve to put it at the base of your lashes, turn the mascara wand and pull it away). I rather place it at the base and wiggle my wands. However, in the photo, I used the technique that they told me to.

Lash blast is not as good as inimitable, BUT the result is as close to inimitable considering that it’s really cheap (can$8). The fat chubby mascara wand deposits lots of products to your lashes.

Inimitable is still the best. I know that the price is quite expensive (can$38-tax incl), but for me, it’s so worth it. Being Asian, I always long to have lashes that are curly and long. And this mascara does the job properly. Still my fav mascara.


ps: yesterday I found out that somebody typed “jilly lashes” on the search engine to get to this site. That was funny. just some random thoughts. I hope to whoever that was looking for my lashes that you’ll enjoy this post. =D..

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