Makeup Questions – eyeliners

Hi beauty lovers,

I’ve been browsing through yahoo answers and there were lots of (repeated) questions about how to keep eyeliner from running down. I’ve answered like 5 times of the same questions (my answer was chosen as the best answer), but there were still people who asked the same question. So, anyhow, I thought of posting the answer here to share it with you guys.

There are a few options that you can do. Firstly you can choose to use a liquid eyeliner. Secondly you can wear a gel eyeliner and lastly you can set your pencil eyeliner with an eyeshadow. 

Liquid eyeliner tends to dry too quick for beginner and it gives a very thin line. Most people find it difficult to use liquid eyeliner. I don’t really used liquid eyeliner just because the line is too thin for my liking. 

Pencil eyeliners are the most famous among the bunch. You can have a thin line by sharpening the pencil or a thicker line. Pencil eyeliners come in various size and colors. The most common problem with pencil eyeliner is that they smudge and run down easily. This can be solve by applying the same color eyeshadow on top of the pencil eyeliner to set it. 

Lasly, my fav, gel eyeliner. This is somewhere in between pencil and liquid liners. They don’t dry as fast as liquid liner (so you can smudge them), but when they’re dried, they don’t get smudged nor smeared. I used MAC fluidline gel eyeliners. I’m not sure about other gel eyeliners, but the one from MAC is the best. Its texture is soft and it glides easily so you don’t have to taut/pull your eyelid. However, you have to apply this with a brush.

So there you go. It really depends on your preferences. I always wear gel eyeliner on my top lid, and pencil eyeliner on my lower lid and waterline. I set my pencil liner on the lower lashline with eyeshadow. I have my pencil liner on my purse so I can re-line my waterline throughout the night.

I hope that helps. I’ll be posting makeup tutorials next week. Stay tune!!