Red Lips Makeup Tip

Before applying any red lipstick, line your lips with a neutral lip pencil. Normally it’s hard to find a red lip pencil that is the exact color of your lipstick. Line your lip according to the shape. This will prevent the red lipstick from going all over the place outside your lips (bleeding). Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Apply a thin layer. Blot your lips with klenex. Re-apply, blot, re-apply until you achieve the desired intensity. You can, then, apply a clear or red lipgloss on top of it for shine or just leave it matte.

Important! Do not use red lipstick if your lips are chapped. Make sure you’ve smooth lips. If your lips are dry and cracked apply vaseline when you’re doing your face. Remove the vaseline before you start your doing your lips.

There are so many different shades of red lipsticks out there. It’s trial and error really to find the one that you like. There are 2 undertones for red lipsticks: blue and orange. Blue undertone red lipsticks will whiten your teeth and they are more flattering than orange undertone red lipsticks. But, now tomato red lipsticks (which have an orange undertone) can be seen all around the runways and celebs are wearing them.

Have fun, do a trial and error. If you don’t want to waste too much money on lipsticks, go to drug mart get the cheap ones. Or go to makeup counter and ask the lady in the counter to help you for the red lipstick. A rule of thumb for me is if I put it on and I don’t like it, then the color doesn’t suit me. Follow your intuition, they’re quite accurate.