Today’s look is inspired by the deep blue-ness of Sapphire stone. This is a great party look. This look can be worn by anyone except those with blue eyes. A good rule of thumb to make your eyes the focus of attention is to wear eyeshadow colors that do not match your eyes and your clothes. Your eyeshadows should complement your eye colors.

Anyway, a couple of things before we start. Firstly, I KNOW that my eyebrows are looking crazy. I don’t have the time to take care of them and also, I have a tutorial coming up about eyebrow shaping, so I’m going to grow it out and shape it later. Secondly, my 1st final exam is on Monday, so no tutorials on Monday and Tuesday. I need time to recover for the next final exam which is going to be on Saturday. Lastly, I only have 2 spots left for my personal makeup class on Dec 20. It’s going to be held in downtown Toronto, @ 7th carlton. Contact me for more info.

Alright! Let’s get started. My face is prep with moisturizer and prescriptives multi-stick foundation (yes, I didn’t get the primer yet. No time to go shopping).. Click on each picture to enlarge it and to read the full description on how to get this look.

Foundation – prescriptives multi-purpose foundation stick

Blush – physician’s formula rosy blush

Powder/Highlighter – MAC mineralized skinfinish duo

Eyeshadow – blue: 60, 71 and 82, silver: 11

Eyeshadow stick – NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean

Eyeliner – shisheido liquid liner in black, dior kohl pencil eyeliner in black

Mascara – chanel inimitable in black

False eyelashes – ardell no. 13  *correction = it’s actually no. 119*

False eyelashes glue – from MAC

Lipgloss – faces in cupcake

p/s: a lot of people ask me why didn’t I apply mascara after I put on my falsies, that’s because I re-use my falsies. Falsies are not cheap and since I do tutorial frequently, I can’t afford to keep buying a 7-8 bucks worth of falsies everytime I do a tutorial (it’s 14 bucks for MAC falsies!). But, if you want, for sure go ahead and apply mascara after you apply your falsies. Don’t forget to press your lashes and the falsies together afterwards so you won’t see any separation. 

p/p/s: I clean my falsies well. And I don’t put them on my clients. For my clients I always have a brand new set of falsies for them.