Ad for Fashion Lovers

Hi all!

I’m here to introduce ORANGEL

First in GTA! Introducing:

Fresh . Classy . Unique . Vibrant . Colorful

One stop shop for your hot makeover! Selling IN-STOCKS Fashion Icons (from Indonesia, Thailand, Korea-Japanese Fancy Wears, Accessories, Lenses and SUPER Quality Branded Bags) limited stock for very competitive prices! 😀

You can click here to find the link to the site.

I love the dresses and accessories from Korea. So cute! You can find the Geo lenses there too (“Anime” lenses). Those lenses will make your eyes to look bigger. I’ve ordered them for myself. I can’t wait to receive it! =D

Anyhow, I’ve actually done a tutorial yesterday, but I couldn’t find the time to edit the photos to add watermarks on them. I’ll try to post it by tomorrow if possible. If not I’ll definitely post it on Saturday evening. I’ve product reviews coming up as well, and a celeb inspired look (hint: “you changed your mind like a girl changes clothes”). Stay tune!