Celeb Inspired Look – Katy Perry

“Cause you’re hot ‘n you’re cold” Katy Perry

Don’t you just love the song? It’s so catchy no? I tried to do a tutorial for the bride makeup that she was wearing, but I couldn’t find the right lipstick color. So, I tried to do the green eyeshadow makeup. I tried to make it so that we can wear it for daily life. This look is going under bright color collection as well. 

My face was prep with moisturizer, primer and foundation.

Foundation – MAC mineralized satinfinish

Blush – coastal scent’s 78 palette 1st lightest pink blush

Powder/Highlighter – MAC mineralized skinfinish duo 

Eyeshadow – green: 36+47 , gold: 2 – all from 88 shimmer eyeshadow palette (click here)

Eyeliner – MAC waterproof liquid liner in black, dior kohl pencil eyeliner in black

Mascara – MAC plush lash in black

Lipgloss – faces coral lipgloss

p/s: you might notice that my eyeliner looks thicker on one of the eyes, that’s because my left eye is the evil twin sister..lol..my right eye is a double lid, but the left one has a lot of folds.