L’oreal tutorial Part 2

So, here’s a picture of the goodie bag and what I received inside:

L'oreal bag

Inside the goodie bag

A LOT, EH??? Here’s a picture and my opinion of each products

Eyeliner I totally love the liquid liner! The felt tip is very sturdy, so it doesn’t move a lot when I used it. It’s very easy to use especially for beginner and those with shaky hands. However, it doesn’t give a very thin line as my other liquid liner. Overall, I love it!!


The brush The brush is excellent if you want to use it as a blending brush. It does work as well for an eyeshadow brush, but only for application such as all over the eyelid or brow bone. But, this is a really good blending brush. The bristles are very soft and smooth.










Base coat 











base coat mascara wand






This is the base coat of the L’oreal double extended mascara. See the tutorial on L’oreal tutorial part 1 to see how it looks like. The product is pretty  creamy and supposedly this base protects your lashes and nourishes it.


the mascara 











the mascara wand





The mascara is said to provide an extra 80% length to your lashes, and it can be removed with water. This mascara   actually reminds me of “kiss me” mascara. They, instead of       painting your lashes, tubed the lashes. I like the mascara for  its length power (pic below), but I’m looking for something that have a curling power as well. This mascara will be good   for someone who’s looking for  length only.












remove mascara Here’s how it looks when you remove the mascara. This is why I said the mascara tube your lashes and not paint them. You can even pick up what-looks-like-your-lashes-but-it’s-not thing. lol. I know the picture is a little bit gross. They said to remove this with water, but I remove it with my makeup remover cleanser cloth, and it cleans them with no problem. You won’t see them smudging and stuffs like that. It cleans really well, better than the “kiss me” mascara actually.


eyeshadow quad The eyeshadow quad have a smoky eyes instruction at the back of the case. This quad reminds me of rimmel eyeshadow quad no. 1 that I normally used for my basic smoky eyes/silver smoky eyes look. It is not as pigmented as the rimmel quad though.









Eyeliner: love it! definitely worth to buy if you’re on a budget.

Brush: love it for blending! pretty good brush, definitely worth to buy.

Mascara: good for those who wants length. I need curl and length, so I won’t buy it again, but definitely worth the money if you are looking for length. Easy to remove and smudge proof! I’m not sure if it is water proof since you’ve to remove them with water. But from what I know, it should be water proof because you have to use both water and some pressure on the lashes to remove them. I’ve to check this again. I’ll update you guys later.

Eyeshadow quad: doesn’t meet my expectation. I rather buy the rimmel quad than this quad. 

Since, the mascara is not out yet in Canada (coming in December ’08), please please please go to this link here to take part in a marketing survey. Who knows, may be you’ll receive a free mascara as well! Please please please take the survey! Your participation will be greatly appreciated!