Makeup Tips – Touch ups for parties

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everybody!!

I’m sure you ladies look super gorgeous!! =D…here’s a few makeup tip on how to keep your makeup stay long through out the parties that you are going to.

Things to bring:

1. Keep a blotting paper in your clutch/purse

2. Keep a compact powder in your purse as well, esp. those that come with a sponge (like MAC studio fix).

3. Bring a pencil eyeliner with you (like the ones from annabelle, they’re shorter) and a few q-tips

4. Bring your lipstick/lipgloss if needed (esp. if you’re wearing red lipstick).

If your purse is small, skip the compact powder.

What to do with all of those stuffs:

1. The blotting paper and powder are important for those people who have oily skin. If you notice that your skin start to get oily. go to the washroom, blot your face with the blotting paper and then powder your face LIGHTLY.

2. Re-line your waterline if you were wearing them. Lining your waterline defines your eyes. If  your eyeliner normally gets runny or smudgy, clean your eyes with Q-tips

3. Since you don’t have many of the stuffs (pencil liner, brush, powder) needed to do a proper red lipstick application, dab your ring finger to the red lipstick and apply it to your lips gently. Blot the lips with tissue paper and re-apply the lipstick to desired intensity.

That’s it. Enjoy your parties! I’ll come back soon for more tutorials. GBU.