Ohmygoodness!! I’ve been gone for too long! I’m so sorry to my dear readers if you’ve been looking for tutorial updates. I’m going to tell you what happened last month. 

So, 1st week of December I had my last few days of school and 2nd week of December was Final Exam period. Those 2 weeks were definitely out of question. They were hectic and important for me since I’m on my last year at University. 

3rd week of December I thought I’d have enough time to do more tutorials, I think I just did like 1 or 2, but I did a comprehensive tutorial and review on L’oreal goodies. In addition to that I was waiting for my MAC products that were supposedly arrived but did not. I’ll never buy MACpro products online anymore.

4th week of December was the worst! I did only 1 makeup tutorial and I was like gone for almost a week or 2. I’m so sorry about this. I was so busy with my important clients since they had to be made up for parties. In addition to that, I’ve important guests who came over to visit me. It was busy!!

1st week of New Year, I was already planning to do a makeup tutorial for new year parties, but again, I was busy with my personal makeup classes, not to mention beginning of my last term in University.

I’d like to apologize for readers who have been checking this blog and see no updates. My New Year resolution includes preparing makeup tutorials ahead of time. I‘ll be doing a new tutorial tomorrow. So, check back with me tomorrow noon for a “back to school party” look. I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but there’re several clubs who held “back to school party”. So, if any1 of you girls are going out, you can try this look. (NOT HAPPENING! Will try tonight or tomorrow..my camera broke..:( )

I forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Best of luck in whatever that you do. GBU all.