Here’s a question from one of my reader:

One other question. I am a fair blond with blue eyes. I cannot wear my eyeliner on the waterline. It’s just too harsh of a look and makes my eyes look very small. Sometimes it makes some of the makeup tutorials you post look a little “top heavy.” Any suggestions? Could you try to post photos of a light eyed model?

You don’t have to wear the eyeliner on the waterline. The purpose of wearing eyeliner on the waterline is to really define your eye shape. If you don’t like it, you can skip it. =)..Another way to wear it if you do like to waterline your eyes is to do it on the outer half only.

I’m not sure the connection between waterlining and “top heavy”, since waterline is on your lower lid, it shouldn’t cause it to be heavy on the upper lid. 

Since you are blond and you’ve blue eyes, you might want to try a brown (i.e. chocolate color) eyeliner instead of a black one. I’ll try to post some tutorial about the different eye colors next time. Don’t use a blue eyeshadow, since your eyes are blue! =)

I’m trying to find models with different eye colors and skin tone, so please be patient with me. I’ll definitely try! =)