How-to: False eyelashes

So, I found that this is the best technique to apply false eyelashes for beginners(and non-beginners). There are so many types of false eyelashes! Mine is a dramatic, while you can definitely find ones that are more natural looking.

Before applying falsies, finish all your eye makeup except for mascara. Apply your eyeliner before you apply your false eyelashes.

So, I didn’t curl my lashes for this tutorial because I was doing another tutorial (previous post). But, please please prep your lashes by curling them 1st. It’s a must, otherwise you’ll get your lashes sticking out like mine in the photos.

When you’re done applying the false lashes, apply mascara to your real lashes and then pinch (ever so gently) your real lashes to your false lashes so that they stick together and there’s no separation.

If there’s a chance where I’m wearing falsies when I go out, I’ll definitely post a picture of the mascara and lashes and how you can pinch them.