Product Review – Blushes (physician’s formula and MAC mineralized blush)

So, 2 of my favorite blushes side by side! Each have its own strengths. I applied the blushes either with my foundation brush (mac 187) or powder blush (body shop). I love the colors on both and they have never disappoint me. I definitely recommend both colors to everyone! Rosy color (rosy glow) is great for everyone and so is coral (dainty). They are about the same size as well.

Physician’s formula blush is matte, MAC mineralized blush is shimmer, BUT both have a certain glow to it. Rosy glow is not all matte, it somehow has a subtle glow in it and MAC mineralized blush’s shimmer is not crazy shimmery, but glowy. Both have this subtle glow similar to when you put on a bronzer (without the sun-kissed look)..I think you don’t understand what I’m trying to convey here, right?

Dainty is ca$25, rosy glow is about 10 bucks (I think..I both blushes, if you want more color, you can build on it (remember start little and add more if needed). I do think that dainty is more pigmented than rosy glow, but as you build up the color, rosy glow starts to be as pigmented.

Click on the images below to see the blushes and swatches.


YES YES YES YES!! For both!! =D

If you’re tight on budget and you’re looking for a blush that suits your complexion go for the physician’s formula.

If you’re looking for a pop of color in your cheek and have extra money to spend on, go get dainty

Both are really good buy and they’re both mineral products! I know that some people are sensitive to certain ingredients in mineral products, but I’ve no reaction to it (I’ve crazy sensitive problematic skin if you don’t realized that already)


Apply if on the apples of the cheek and blend towards the hairline. Check out my tutorial about where to apply blushes and highlighter here.