Purple Gold

So, I thought I’ve posted this on Monday, but it was actually saved as a draft..Oh well, anyhow, this week hasn’t been a good week at all. Too many things are happening. If you think that I don’t look cheerful in the pic or if my eyes were empty, you are right! lol..

But! Life goes on and here’s my tutorial. Today’s tutorial is inspired by my purple gold necklace. You’ve heard of white gold and yellow gold, but I actually owned a purple gold. Not many people know about this because it was patented by a Singaporean company I think. So, they’re exclusively sold in Singapore only 4 years a go. But I do think they start selling this in China. I’m not sure about that though. But, yea, if you’re curious about what is purple gold, you can find them in Spore..lol

So, I took the name purple gold quite literally even though the real color doesn’t have any hint of yellow in it. The look is pretty soft and subtle, you can turn this into a night look easily by applying black eyeshadow on the outer V and blend it inwards, line the waterline and 3 coats of mascara. But, since I was going to school, I kept it subtle.

Products used:

Face – MAC studio fix foundation

Eyeshadow base -faces metalliglow (product review coming right after this post)

Highlighter/Powder – MAC mineralized skinfinish duo

Eyeshadow – Plum: creme lustre by lancome, Gold: MAC goldmine

Eyeliner – MAC fluidline in blacktrack

Mascara -L’oreal double extended mascara

Blush – MAC mineralized blush in dainty