Touch-up for parties

Whether you’re going to prom, wedding or formal you’ll want to consider what to bring for touch-up. I’ll list some of the possible items to bring.

1) Eyeliner – if you’re like me who have watery eyes, and you love to waterline your eyes, you might want to bring along with you an eyeliner pencil. My fav. is annabel pencil eyeliner – it’s small, short and last longer. 

2) A compact powder (esp. the ones that have sponge/powder puff) – I normally bring lancome translucent powder because I have big clutch, but if you have a small clutch, you might want to consider bring a compact powder. Just powder lightly on the T-zone through out the night. This is optional for normal to dry skin ladies.

3) Lipgloss/lipstick – for obvious reasons.

4) 1-2 q-tips

p/s: you DON’T have to try to match your eyeshadow to your dress. 

p/s/s: if you want your eyecolor to POP, use eyeshadow that’s not of the same color with your eyes