Products Review – Mascara madness week: dior blackout and bodyshop divide and multiply

If you guys don’t know already, I’m a big fan of mascara. I just feel that the right mascara makes a lot of difference. It really opens up your eyes.

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Okaaay!! Too many words. I doubt you’ll read, let’s get started.

Mascara madness!! I bought a Dior Iconic mascara at Sephora, and a small haul from BodyShop which include Divide and Multiply mascara (among the other stuffs which will be featured later this week).


Dior – can$32, BodyShop – can$22 (all before tax)

What does it offer?

Dior – ultra black and lengthens

BodyShop – separates and lengthens

both say – no clumping, no flaking

Photos below show my curled clean lashes vs. dior blackout vs. bodyshop divide and multiply


As you can see from the photos both mascara lengthens my lashes. Dior blackout curls my lashes more, but BodyShop divide and multiply separates my lashes better. I think it has to do with BodyShop’s mascara wand. The Divide and Mulitply mascara wand is not like what you’ll see normally in mascara wand. It shaped more like a comb  and thus helps out in separating the lashes better. I found that Blackout is clumpier than Divide and Multiply Found a way to make it not as clumpy as I was expected. But Divide and Mulitply is not waterproof.

Overall, I like both mascara. Both doesn’t clump nor flake, but they smudged a little for me. Probably because of my oily skin.  Now, I wonder if I should use both of them together and see how it goes. 

I recommend Dior Blackout for those who are looking for some separation and lengths, and BodyShop Divide and Mulitply for those who are looking for some lengths and hate the clumpy look. 

I recommend both for those looking for separation and lengths. Dior is more expensive, but it kinda volumize and lengthens more, Bodyshop is cheaper, but not as volumizing and doesn’t hold curls as well.