BodyShop Spring Shimmer Cube

I actually wasn’t planning to do a tutorial or review because I’ve so many works piling up. But, I was just using the limited edition shimmer cubes while I was on my break.

Here’s my thought on it:

The colors are so frosty!! I have yet to find the best way to apply the light green to make the color looks like green. So far, the light green looks like a frosty white (esp. while taking photo). The white is way too frosty for highlighter on the brow bone for my liking.

The 2 colors that I really love are the pink and the dark green/grey. I think this is the few pink eyeshadows that won’t make your eyes to look reddish. It’s so subtle that you can wear this as a day look.

The dark green/grey, on the other hand, makes an EXCELLENT smoky eyes. If you want to try try something new than the classic smoky eyes, this metallic color is definitely one of the best eyeshadow so far. You can go really dark or subtle. The shimmer is not too much on this one. I’ll make a tutorial for this color this weekend.


I’m not sure whether this is a great buy or not. I’ll have to try it some more. It’s 22 bucks before tax

Photos and some info on how I apply the eyeshadows