Easter eggs

Inspired by easter eggs chocolates! The colors are just too irresistible. Anyhow..Again, just photos of my eyes. Sorry..I’ll do a full face next time.

Today’s look uses a few colors namely yellow, orange, purple and green. All of this colors were from the 88 eyeshadow palette, except for the purple. The purple eyeshadow (acts as an eyeliner) is from faces cosmetics. This is actually the few times that I used so many bright colors at the same time. 

As you guys might realized, my tutorials are very wearable, but this 1 is for fun. I, personally, am not a big fan of bold makeup. I like my makeup to be soft, subtle and simple. Well, I hope you guys like it. I’ll try to do another easter makeup tutorial for the more “wearable” look.

Anyhow..This week makeup tip is:

Use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner. You can wet your eyeliner brush (mine is angled brush) using a mixing medium or water or visine or gel sealer. This way you can customize your own eyeliner! =)

Products used:

Eyeshadow base – benefit lemon aid

Eyeshadows: 88 palette no. 13 (yellow), no. 20 and 31 (orange), no. 36 and 47 (green), faces cosmetics no. 276 (purple)

Mascara: dior iconic

Gel sealer by kryolan

ps: Gel sealer keeps the eyeshadow that you use as an eyeliner smudgeproof and waterproof!