Product Review – MAC eyeshadows and mineralized skinfinish

So, instead of a makeup tutorial, I’m posting another product review. I think other bloggers would call this a ( haul..but, I rather call it a product review.

Anyhow..I went to the mall yesterday and I got some stuffs from MAC store. I was planning to go to MAC pro, but it’s way too far and downtown Toronto is a pain to drive around.

Well, anyways, I saw the sugarsweet collection, saw the colors and was hesitating for a bit. I knew I was going to get another mineralized skinfinish and club eyeshadow. I was very very very tempted to get the sugarsweet shadesticks, but decided not to. I saw the colour ready collection, aaaaalmost get the green eyeshadow, but again, decided not to. 

LOL..So, I ended up getting the perfect topping mineralized skinfinish, club eyeshadow, aquavert eyeshadow and golden olive loose pigments.

Perfect topping mineralized skinfinish has a fleshy tone, so I like it. I normally used the mineralized skinfinish duo in medium, but I ran out of it. So, I was trying to find something similar, but it was hard. Finally, I found perfect topping and I like it. It has some purple in it that works as a highlighter. It’s a little bit pinkier than my mineralized skinfinish duo, but once you put it on, it’s actually more subtle. It’s a limited edition, I might get another one before it’s gone.


– Aquavert (lustre): I’m not a big fan of bright colors, but this color somehow attracts me. I haven’t play with it, but it’s a pretty blue-green.

– Club (satin): okay..this color is super saw Petrilude, one of my fav makeup gurus on youtube, using this in one of his tutorial. It’s brown if you just put it on, but if you put it on top of a black base, it turns bluish..Hard to, next tutorial is about this eyeshadow. 

Golden olive loose pigments: I’m a big fan of green for makeup. I like this color, but somehow it reminds me of the mineralized eyeshadow brightside/gallery gal. Nevertheless, still a lovely color. This 1 will be featured on the next tutorial as well with club eyeshadow.

Well, enjoy the photos. I hope all the info are useful.