=D…I was involved in a perfume ad photoshoot in Toronto beginning of the year. I haven’t receive all the pic yet, but there’s one that was sent to me earlier. Love it! My model here is just an awesome person!! She’s great to hang around with! The photographer, Bryan Pereira, has done an awesome job I think. The photoshoot was for Jeanne Lottie perfumes, one is called Diamant Rose. The owner, Jean Ip, has suuuuch a beautiful place. All in all, I think it was a job well done..=)

The makeup look that was requested by Bryan was sexy yet subtle, nothing too dramatic but it’s there. Jessica (the model) has a beautiful light blue eyes,  the black dress that she wore (fr Jeanne Lottie too!) was elegant. So, I didn’t do a lot actually. Just prep the face with moisturizer, primer and foundation, and prime the eyes with benefit lemon aid. The eyeshadows used were the silver and grey from the 88 palette. Finished the look with MAC dainty across the cheekbone and coral lips. (And highlighter, mascara, eyeliner and all that)

Jeanne Lottie perfume ad