Updaaaaate- revlon eyelashes fantasy length review

Yaaay! I’m done with my undergrad career!! I finished my last exam as an undergrad today and I’m feeeeling goood, yet sad at the same time. Anyhow, about 3 weeks a go (just when my final exam started) Revlon sent me a package of false eyelashes called fantasy length, and finally I get to use them today! 

Today’s look is just a very simple smoky lavender look. This will look reaally sweet on monolids or oriental eyes. You can skip the falsies altogether, I just used it on the tutorial. Other than that, there’s nothing special. Just lavender and black eyeshadow. Oh, yes, here’s a tip. To do a softer nude lip, while I applied foundation all over my face with a damped sponge, I used whatever product is left on that sponge and applied it to my lips. The result is a sheer nude lip, and I just finish it with a beige color lipgloss from faces lip palette in warm.

I won’t list the products used because it’s whatever I used on the last tutorial. 

Review – Revlon fantasy length fake eyelashes

The eyelashes are pretty neat becaause

1) it already comes with the glue

2) you can re-store it (don’t throw away the box) – read the instruction

3) they’re goorgeously loong…=D

Some things that I don’t quite like about the lashes:

1) The glue is quite sticky, but it doesn’t hold well

2) They are too short for my lashes – they said on the instruction that it is supposed to be shorter than your real lashes (as in the width, not the length), but I found it way too short and I didn’t even trim it. The reason why I prefer a longer falsies is because I need the end of my lashes to stick to the falsies so that it won’t be sticking out straight. But because this 1 is shorter, it’s sticking out like a sore thumb.


Would I buy this? Probably yes. I recommend this for Oriental Asian since our eyes tend to be on the smaller size. I also recommend this for those of you who have never tried using a falsies before, and would like to practice on it. This is a good falsies because 1) it comes with self-adhesive glue, 2) you don’t have to be all messy and worried about the glue, which I think is one of the big problem for beginner and 2) you can re-use them again and again.

I’m not sure about the price.