Vintage with a twist

Hello readdeeeers! Apologies for the absence..Long story in personal life, but everything will go back on track ASAP. Today’s tutorial is inspired by Lauren Luke (panacea81), the makeup guru on youtube..She does a vintage glam look with orange, I’m by no means trying to attempt recreating what she already did, I’m using the ideas of the orange color to incorporate it to today’s look.

Instead of using brown as the contour eyeshadow, I’m using a very dark mossy green for a lighter and fresher look. But, please do substitute it with brown, if you don’t like the green. And, I used a red lipgloss for my lips for subtle red color on the lips. I think the red lipgloss makes it more summer-y, yet it still has that classic red ligpstick feeling.

My face was prep with foundation. 

Products used:

*i’ll update this later*