So hellow everyone!! Sorry for the week absence…I’ve some stuffs to post here..

First thing, I’ve to go back to Jakarta/Singapore for 2months, so you might not find any new tutorials until August..

Secondly, I’ve 2 tutorials that need to be uploaded and posted, hopefully they’ll be posted tomorrow…I’m hoping to post more tutorials even though I’ll be away for holiday, but I can’t make any promises especially since I know how slow the internet connection is back home and I won’t be bringing my laptop…But, I’LL TRY my best..hehehe…

Lastly, even though I might not be able to update the blog for the next 2months, but I’ll keep you guys updated with some tips and tricks if I found any…and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER (KireiMakeup) so I can update you guys with stuffs that happen during the trip! =)

Don’t forget to send me requests on certain looks or colors! =)