For some reason, there’s this dirt on my lens, which caused my eyebrow to look weird, and I didn’t realize it until I saw the photos..

Anyhow, this is the blue eyeshadow that I just bought like 2 weeks a go, and didn’t get the chance to play with it. It’s a beautiful bright blue eyeshadow in which you can use to play it dark or light. In this tutorial I’m going to show how to use the color as a smoky eyes look. It’s pretty different than other smoky eyes since the color is very vibrant and matte. I love how it turned out..=D

Eyeshadows: Blue – clarity by MAC and any matte black eyeshadow

Highlighter: Ricepaper by MAC

Mascara: dior iconic

any navy blue eyeliner (I used MAC technakohl) and black eyeliner.