Hi all!!!

How’s summer treating ya’ll?? I’m just giving a quick update as to where am I and how I’m doing now. I’m currently in Singapore for a few days. I used to study here for my secondary school education before I moved to Canada. Anyhow, I’m going to Thailand tomorrow (so exciiiteeed)!! I’m going back to Jakarta in a week from now.

What’s good so far beside the humidity and mosquito bites (lol)…I got some really good indonesian and japanese makeup magazines that I’ll share with you guys when I get back in August. I’ve been trying to upload pics in Jakarta, but the internet is just way too sloooow…Tried it on my blackberry, it doesn’t work either…

If you want to be updated as to where and how I’m doing in Jakarta, follow me on my twitter on the side bar! =)

Oh, btw, thanks for the comments that just came in! =)

Lastly, Maybelline is sending me a mascara to be reviewed upon, so, wait for my reviews in August!! (just a 8 more weeks!!)

I miss doing tutorials and Canada!! =D

Anyhow..Enjoy your summer and I’ll see u guys soon!! GBU