Obagi Clenziderm Review

Hi all!! Finallyyyyyy I made it back to Canada!! YAAAAY!! =D =D =D

Anyhow..Yesterday I arrived around 6am..I was too tired to do anything..So I couldn’t update the blog..Today is actually my friend’s birthday, Kelly Ng! Happy Bday deaaar!! I love you  sooo muuuch! hehehehe…I have to leave in a bit to attend her bday dinner at her place..we’re going to chill out for a bit..

Anyhow..I wanted to post a Maybelline mascara review, but I ran out of makeup remover, so I’m going to post the mascara review tomorrow..

Disclaimer: every skin is different, so what works for me might not work for you..I do not get paid by anybody to do this, I just want to share it with you guys…I am not recommending the products whatsoever, I’m just showing you what is happening on my skin..

Today I want to share with you a line of skincare products which I’ve been using for several weeks now…Just a background story, I’ve been having acne issues since I was 11 years old…My acne problem have gone from bad to worst to really good when I was back in Jakarta and Singapore…My skin was clear from acnes when I was 16, but it got worst when I moved to Canada when I was 17…I think the problem lies in the change in the weather…Singapore and Jakarta are always hot and humid, but in Canada the weather is dry and cold in winter, but dry and hot in summer…

I’ve tried Neutrogena, Clean and Clear and Proactive but none of these stuffs work for me…It made my skin worst when I was 17 (I found I’m sensitive to benzoyl peroxide)…But, in that summer, I tried Clinique (it uses salicylic acid) and it worked for a few years…Even though the skin was not flawless, but it worked pretty well for a good 3 years, and then it somehow lost its effectiveness…Then I changed to Vichy which again seems to work for a year until they changed their formula, and it irritated my skin…I, then, looked around and finally settled for a brand called La Roche-Posay which is recommended by a dermatologist in Hamilton…The skincare actually works for me, but it doesn’t really do much..

So, now I’m 22 and I decided to see a dermatologist in Jakarta during my holiday…My derm, Dr. Sutardi Santosa, promised me that he will make my skin clear in 4 months as long as I followed his instructions…He gave  me a line from Obagi and an antibiotic to drink (once a day)…So, every morning I have to use: cleanser, toner and t-pads (all contains 2% salicylic acid) and at night I have to repeat all 3 AND a night serum (which contains 5% benzoyl peroxide)…

As I know I am sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, I was ready to see some irritation to occur on my skin…The irritation occured (if you guys followed my twitter you knew I was complaining about it)..However, instead of the usual bad-to-worst scenario, my skin condition actually improves a lot..

The first week was the worst because my skin get red and dry..I was banned from using moisturizer for the first 2 weeks..My skin was so dry that the skin was peeling..In addition, because of the antibiotic, my lips were dry and chapped..After the first week, however, my skin condition started to improve…

After the first 2 weeks, I went back to the derm and he gave me a moisturizer and a sunscreen which I have been using all these while..He also told me to reduce the usage of the night serum…It’s been 4 weeks since the 1st day I used this line of skincare and believe or not, it actually works!

On week 3, my dad told me that he can see improvement in my skin..When I get to Canada, even my friends told me that my skin has improved a lot…I’m surprised that even my pores have gotten smaller…the blackheads are disappearing as well..I did not go for any facial treatment because I want to know whether this skinline products work or not..I think the combination of the products and the antibiotic really work for me…

The photos below will show you my skin condition from week 1 to week 4..Yes, I know it’s that baad! lol..makeup does cover most of my skin problems, but I do crave for a clear skin..=D

I’m soooo happy with the result..Hopefully I can see more improvement after 4mths..=D