Today’s tutorial is inspired by what I see every morning before going to school. Beautiful orange/purple/blue sky..=D

I’m using eyeshadows that are sold only in Indonesia called LT pro. The colors used I think can be replaced by other eyeshadows from MAC or MUFE or other brands. They’re just typical orange-corally color, deep purple and deep blue eyeshadows.

Anyhow, I’d like to apologize for the lack of tutorial due to school. I’d have done more tutorials if it weren’t for the 1hr bus ride to toronto everyday (that’s 2hrs bus ride everyday back and forth). It just drained my energy (physically and mentally). Not to mention I’ve to cook and do household chores. But, nevertheless, I’m trying to organize my timetable so I can do at least 2 or 3 tutorials every week.

Please please please bear with me for the next few weeks. I promise it’ll get better! =D

Anyways, enjoy the tutorial and thanks for still reading my blog! ❤

Products used:

Foundation – MAC studio tech (applied with a large tapered brush)

Eyeshadows – LT pro es 07, 08 and 09

Highlighter – LT pro es 01

Mascara – givenchy phenomenon

Blush – bodyshop roseflower blush

Lipgloss – vaseline