MAC duochromes

So I bought some stuffs from MAC the other day and I specifically was looking for duochrome pigments..And I’ve to say I’m happy with the purchase…The pigments are soooo pretty!! So anyways, I already have some duochrome eyeshadows (club and starflash), but the pigments are just so AWESOME!

If you guys have no idea what are duochromes, check out the photos! Basically the duochrome have 2 colors on it and depending on what base you put underneath, the color changes. For example, the pigment brown blue without any color base will show up as brown eyeshadow with blue sparkles, but once you put a black base underneath (using either blackground paint pot or eyeliner), the blue will show up even more…

The 2 duochromes that I bought were brown blue and old gold…Deep blue is not duochrome, but it’s just so pretty, I couldn’t

Other stuffs that I bought were soft ochre paint pot and deift paint pot…Oh, and I bought chromaline in black..I have yet to try it on, but I’m thinking of using this instead of fluidline just because it’s bigger and has similar consistency as fluidline, but I think fluidline is creamier and gives more of a shinier finish than chromaline… guys should check my fb photos! We just finished our hairstyling course and we did our fantasy hair do today…guess whaaat…I got the most votes! Yay! So happy to get 1st place esp. since I wasn’t expecting to get any votes at DID AN AWESOME HAIRDO!! I just loooove what every1 did!! check the album out here

Will be doing tutorials tomorrow or sunday..=)