makeup tip – outer V

Sooo! I’m using my bb to update the blog! So excited…I’m gonna post the red lips tutorial tonight ard 11ish or 12mid just because I won’t be home early today…buuut I’m gonna share a tip on how to get the outer V…

All the makeup gurus kept saying “outer V” but yet you can never get it right?? Well if you have difficulties,here’s a good tip:

1) using a blending brush,pick up a dark color so you can see the contrast..

2).Place your finger on you eye’s outer corner and feel the bone that’s just below your brows…this bone is called the occipital bone

3) Place the brush below the bone (above your crease) – this is called your eye socket

4) Follow the contour of your occipital bone – this is your top line for the V

5) When you are done blending it properly, just take your brush and place it at the outer corner of the bone and blend it down to the lash line – this is your lower V

See! So eassyyy…:)…I’ll post a picture tonite of the outer V…:D…

Have a great weekend every1!!! Enjoy your weekend and send me requests for tutorials alright???