Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls Inspired Look

Today’s tutorial is a request to do a “harajuku girls” look..I did a pretty sloppy job on the tutorial cause the light broke and I had to change the light bulb to the yellow one instead of the white that I normally used, so please forgive the sloppy work..

Anyhow, I found mostly this type of look on the harajuku girls online: very bright blue eyeshadow under the eyes, heart shaped red lips and very bright blush..On certain pictures, the blush is placed near the temples of the head and eyes, on others it’s just on the apples of the cheeks…It’s very doll-like..

Well, enjoy the tutorial! oh btw, i’m not stating the products used cause I left some of the eyeshadows in school and I dont remember what they’re called..But you can find them at MAC…