List of requests

Okay guys! I’m sick..I’m down with cold since weekend..On Friday it was raining and my umbrella broke, so I was drenched and soaking wet…On saturday I had to do a wedding (pics on fb) and I had to wakeup really early and all that stuffs..Not to mention I have to clean the house and cook so I’m like down..If it wasn’t because of the rain everything would’ve been fine, but I’m coughing and sneezing and I have runny nose…

So, I’m very very sorry about the lack of tutorials on the weekend…There’s several requests that I’ve to do and I’m going to list them here so I don’t forget about it:

1) Corpse bride

2) Fairy makeup

3) Witch makeup (idk when I’m gonna do this) update: not doing witch look..sorry

4) Makeup for those who wear glasses (this for sure before weekend)

5) Retro look

I’m hoping to do the corpse bride tutorial like tonight..or the fairy one..

Oh yes, please guys, take care of your health..drink tons of vitamin C! =)