Makeup for those who wear glasses

So, today’s tutorial is a requested look. Since your glasses are your accessories, I tend to keep the eye makeup simple for those who wear glasses. For a night out, I’ll just line the waterline and tightline for definition in the eyes. If you wear glasses most of the time, try to not get too fancy with the eye colors because your glasses and your eyes might contrast too much. Try to stay more on the neutral side.

However, with that said, you can play up with the rest of your face! Do a more corally or rosy cheeks or do a brighter lip colors or go with bright red or deep plum.

In this tutorial, I used my sis glasses. I don’t wear glasses. My eyesights are pretty good..=)

I prep my face with Laura Mercier foundation (full coverage). I applied it with a foundation brush all over my face and my eyelids and down the neck. Then I used my fingers and blend it towards the hairline. I lightly mist a moisture spray afterwards.

Products used:

Foundation: Laura Mercier Silk Foundation

Moisture Spray: evian water moisture spray

Eyeshadows: MAC Patina, MAC handwritten

Pencil eyeliner: dior in black

Mascara: givenchy phenomenon

Blush: bodyshop roseflower blush

Lips: covergirl in watermelon