Queen of Hearts

So,any1 as excited as I am for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie????? lol..Anyways, today’s tutorial is based on the characted in Alice in Wonderland called “Queen of Hearts”. I’m not sure why it’s called Queen of Hearts while I thought it was supposed to be the Red Queen…oh well…

This is like a quick and cheap way of doing this look. It’s not perfect, but I thin reasonably good (for me at least, as I don’t do a lot of theatrical makeup for now..lol)…Well, I don’t know if you guys follow me on twitter, but I tried blocking my eyebrows using a glue stick at school. Since I left my glue stick at school, I bought a new 1 at Shopper’s. The one that I used in this tutorial is the washable glue and PLEASE DO NOT USE IT…I hate this glue! It’s NOT sticky at all and halfway through the tutorial, the glue just keep falling out and as you can see, my eyebrows are not covered properly…

The glue that I used in school is the 1 with the orange cap..Now, that thing is the real deal…it’s sticky and it doesn’t melt from your body heat.

Anyways, because it’s just a tutorial, I didn’t put any foundation on my neck and ears, but if you’re going out for halloween as queen of hearts, please do put the white foundation on the neck AND ears.

Now, for the products I actually used everything that’s on the MUFE Makeup Artist Pro Palette, but I’m going to give you a few alternatives to it. I actually found that the blue from MUFE palette started to crease even tho’ I’ve set it with eyeshadows..I wasn’t thrilled about that.

Anyhow, for the white foundation you can use: Ben Nye white creme foundation, MAC Chromastick, MAC Chromacake, white water-based face paint, Kryolan aquacolour in white, l’oreal true match foundation in w1

For the setting powder you can use: baby powder (yep, the ones that you use for the babies)

For the blue cream-based: MAC Chromastick in blue (the light blue), Revlon cream eyeshadow in coastal blue

For the eyelashes: well..you can just try to find a long spiky ones for the top lashes and a shorter spiky ones for the lower lashes from QUO or Ardell at Shopper’s

For the light blue eyeshadow: MAC Clarity…other light blue eyeshadows are fine as long as it’s matte

For the red lipstick: Any red lipstick will do. Try to get the ones that are blue-red and not orange-red. Blue-red lipsticks – MAC Russian Red, Revlon In The Red.

Any pencil eyeliner: Annabelle black pencil eyeliner

For the black gel eyeliner: MAC chromaline in black, MAC fluidline in blacktrack, l’oreal HIP gel eyeliner or a black water-based face paint

You don’t have to line your lips if you’re confident that you can do a good heart-shaped lips with lipbrush, but drawing outline makes it easier. You can use any lipliners.

I hope that helps! =D