Pre-halloween photos

So! I had some skin sensitivity going on right now so I can’t put makeup on my skin because it’s very irritated, red and warm. We did some stuffs in theatre class today and one of the foundations that were used cause irritations on my skin. BUT I’m gonna show you some photos of what I did today in class and at home! =D

So I did a 1/2 skull makeup on my classmate, Ashley..She ROCKS! She wore that to home. the other half of her face we did a pretty makeup on her, and a red lip. After I took the photo I also added some black on top of the teeth that’s on her mouth. I was in a hurry so I couldn’t take another photo of her. It was my 1st time doing a skull makeup! lol..pretty sloppy, but good enough for people to stare..haahahahahah

The last 2 photos are my 2 lil’ brothers. They wanted me to do some halloween makeup for school tomorrow so I showed them that to see if they gonna like it and yeep they loved it. It’s just liquid latex (for the throat and the wrist) and you cut them, then add some colours. I had 3 layer of liquid latex for the throat and just 2 on the wrist.

For the one that’s on the top of the hand, I just layered liquid latex then tissue then latex then tissue then latex again. Before each layer of kleenex, I made sure that the latex is dry first. Then I just used a sponge and pounced some red/brown/black creams to make it looks like it’s burnt.

Well…I know this week I’m lacking on post, but hopefully next week when the face feels a bit better I can do more stuffs! =D