How-to: winged eyeliner part 2

So, a lot of people has been asking me how to do winged eyeliner over and over and over again. This is another tutorial which explains a little bit more in detail about doing winged eyeliner. It takes a loooot of practice to do this nicely. The line has to be sharp, precise and clean.

The makeup is just a combination of my fav. eyeshadows, and everything else is pretty subtle and soft as usual.

Sorry for the absence of update guys. I’ve been just so busy with photoshoots every weekend and because of my theatre make-up class, my face is breaking out due to the heavy makeup…:(

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the tutorial. The names of the eyeshadows are in the description of the 1st three pictures.

ps: the reason why I used a small angled brush is because when you slide it to do the wing, you’ll get the outer eyelid to have a thicker eyeliner than the inner part, which what I like..=)