Parfait Armour

Today’s post is going to be a quick one. I promise I’ll do more tutorials when I get to prosthetic..I reaaally2 feel soo bad for not posting more…see, the thing is my face starts breaking out ever since I started theatre course due to the heavy makeup that we have to put every single day…I have to remove and break down all the makeup every single freaking day with Kryolan Hydro oil and STILL IT’S NEVER CLEAN ENOUGH..There will always be residue left on the face or the eyes…everybody’s faces and eyes were hurting soo much that we’ve to take a week without makeup in you guys think we, makeup artists, have it easy in school…NOT AT ALL…

anyways…I went to MAC to get Parfait Armour and I was just playing around with it the other day…I paired it with MAC Stars ‘n Rockets and I actually liked it. It’s dark but still with a brighter colour and it has a certain shade that gives it an interesting look.