How-to: depot your MAC eyeshadows

Yay to snow effect! =D

Anywhooow..sry I’ve been missing for quite some time..I’m going to be updating for the next few days…Today’s tutorial is a HOW TO DEPOT YOUR MAC EYESHADOWS! =D..yayayayay! Lots of my friends asked me to do it for them, it’s reaaaally2 easy and simple as long as you follow the steps properly and CAREFULLY…

Proceed with the pictures and the info under each photo. Please BE VERY CAREFUL when using a wire cutter…

note: you can actually do what some people on youtube do..i.e. melting the glue using heat, but I don’t like the idea of melting plastic or anything involving heat and glue (equals to toxic fume)..So, I rather use wire cutter and alcohol.

You can get the magnets that I talked about on the last picture at Michael’s art and craft store. The square magnets can be cut into 1/2 and taped on the back of the metal pot (reusable!)..You can get any type of alcohol from shopper’s drug mart (70% isopropyl also known as rubbing alcohol is good enough, 99% is good too)

So, keep those empty pots (not the ones that you cut, the ones with the lid) 6 of them and you can get a free eyeshadow/ can mix the empty eyeshadow pots with other containers (lipgloss, lipstick, mascara etc)..

I’m just waiting for one of my eyeshadows to shatter so I can show you guys how to put back a shattered/broken eyeshadows/blush back together..but I’m usually very careful with my stuffs, so nothing ever

Hope you enjoy today’s tutorial will be a product review on a mask..=D