Happy holidays every1! lol..Sch is on a break now, so hopefully I’ve time to recover from my back injury, do more tutorials and refresh my skin! I’m trying to re-design the website over the holidays, so please bear with me if you dislike certain part of the website.

I received a comment on my spam today. Unsure if it is spam or not, I deleted it. If you do not want to end up in “spam” section, please don’t fill out the e-mail section as “a.reader@hotmail..”. Leave your nickname and email add so I can reply to you, I don’t spam people (dont worry!).

Anyways, back to the comment..I received at least 30 spam comments a day, so I normally delete them all, but this 1 comment caught my attention because it says something along the line of “it’s annoying how I’ve to click on each picture to read the description”. First of all, thank you for the comment! Well, it’ll be nicer if you could’ve put it in a nicer sentence (I’ve feelings too…=P)..Secondly, I’ve been doing it this way for over a year now, and I’ve yet to receive similar comment like yours, so I hope my other readers like it the way it is.

I wasn’t planning to change it the way it is because it keeps my homepage nice and neat. However, I might try it on the next tutorial (which is coming up soon!) and see how that looks like! =D

If I think it’s not making a mess on my homepage, for sure I’ll do it. So, my a.reader, I’m sorry I deleted your comment (cause it ended up on my spam), and thanks for your brilliant idea! =D

See you on the next tutorial!