Foundation – tools and products

So, foundation..To get a good foundation, obviously you’ll have to find 1 that match your skin tone. How do you match your foundation? Go to this tutorial that I did (my first ever

So, different types of foundation:

1) Sheer coverage – tinted moisturizer, loose powder foundation, mineral foundation

2) Medium coverage – liquid foundation

3) Heavy coverage – cream foundation

My fav. will be either liquid or cream. For myself, I like using liquid cause I can bring it with me without having to bring any tool if I need to apply it (esp. if I’m travelling). I do like cream foundation too if I’m going out for party etc. I like something with medium to heavy coverage because I can always sheer it down. Not a fan of sheer coverage foundations cause my skin isn’t flawless 😦


1) Sponges – wedge sponge (latex and non-latex base), sea sponge (the yellow ones)

2) Fingertips and palm

3) Foundation brush – MAC 190, 191

4) Stippling brush – MAC 187

5) Tapered face brush – 138

My favs:

– To sheer down my foundations I used a damp (let me say that again DAMP) wedge sponge. Wet that sponge and squeeze the water out and let it be DAMPED people! lol..You can either apply foundation 1st then sheer it down with the sponge, or I like to damp the sponge then apply the foundation with it. It gives a nice natural look

– My I’m-going-to-be-late or 5-min face method : warm the foundation on my palm or fingertips then apply it all over my face. Foundation is warmed up and goes on smoothly on my face, no product is wasted. Only worked with liquid foundation.

– For cream/liquid foundation (heavy coverage) I like using

foundation brush – apply foundation from center of the face outwards in a criss-cross motion

tapered face brush – buff itttt..very interesting finish

What’s your fav. way of applying foundation? =D