Michael Kors Inspired Look – Spring RTW 2010

Ok, so, I’ve to apologize because I actually didn’t quite finish the tutorial. I was doing my makeup and then I had to remove it and leave. But, I didn’t want to keep not doing my posts, so I decided to just post the 1/2 way done tutorial..lol..If I have more time next time, probably I’ll re-do it

Anyhow, the look is inspired from Michael Kors spring rtw 2010 runway show. I think the eyes look uber pretty. The colours used in the runway reminds me of spring flowers. For the face, if I were to finish the look, I’d just use blush to contour my cheeks and leave the lips pretty nude since there’s a lot going on in the face.

Products used:

eyeshadows: MAC Goldenron, MAC Vibrant Grape and MAC Aquavert