CoverFX cream foundation

Hello everyone! Finally I have the chance to update my blog. Currently I’m in the bus going back to Hamilton after working on the Daffydil Unbecoming Doctors musical by med students at U of T (time: 11.30pm)

Anyways! I’m updating thru’ my phone (yay to technology!),so I hope quality isn’t that bad.

I’ll be showing you how I used my CoverFX cream foundation since some of you had sent me emails asking about it. I really love coverfx foundation especially since they are made for sensitive and/or problematic skin. It’s very pigmented, so a LITTLE goes a LONG WAY

So, I’ll scoop out a little product with a spatula to the top of my hand. This will warm up the product. Then I add a little bit of my moisturizer and mix the 2 products with the spatula. Since the foundation by itself isn’t so emolient/creamy,the moisturizer, I found, makes the foundation softer and workable. You might have to add more (start with little) until the desired consistency. The warmth of your hand also help to make it workable.

Then you can apply it with sponge or brush. I personally like using a sponge. The key when applying it is BLENDING and sponge is a great tool for it. You might want to damp your sponge if your skin doesn’t need a lot of coverage.

I hope you guys find this useful!

Products used:

CoverFX cream foundation, La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer, spatula.

Special thanks to Ana – hand model…:P