Complections International Academy of Makeup Artistry

I’ve been asked by quite a few people about makeup schools, and the ones that I go into. I’ve touched upon this subject a little bit before. Let me say this again: I’ve been to 2 makeup schools – Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc. (2008) and Complections International Academy of Makeup Artistry (2009-2010).

Today, I’m going to share with you what I think about Complections and the interview that I’ve held with the school. Some of the questions here come from readers/friends who have asked me to ask the school.

Q: What makes Complections one of the best makeup school in North America?

A: Our faculty, definitely. They have to have a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry, and prove great success. In addition, the practical work and job opportunity that the school give to the students will help the students to move along in the industry. Small class sizes allow for feedback from the instructors. Not to mention, with small class sizes, you’ll be able to get to know the instructors and your classmates which could potentially lead to job opportunities. It’s all about networking. And, our school’s President’s commitment to evolve the curriculum continuously. Oh, and not forgetting the photos that you get at the end of every class by the school photographers, which will help with your portfolio.

Q: There seems to be this “passing marks” in the school, what is the importance of marks and attendance?

A: Marks and attendance are just like expectations from the industry. Here, in Complections, we are training students to be prepared for the professional world. The consequences of losing mark is similar to the consequences of, potentially, losing your job because you are late or unprepared.

Q: What are the different courses that the school offered?

A: There’s the 6 or 8-week fashion course. 8-week fashion course include 2-week of hair styling class. There’s also a 14-week special fx and creature design course, the 26-week course, and the 32-week.

Q: For the 14-week, do they have to be a makeup artist before enrolling to the course?

A: yes, for the 14-week spfx/creature design course, they have to a makeup artist for at least a year before they can be enrolled to the class.

Q: For international students, do you provide any help for their stay?

A: For international students, the registrar office will help them to find basic accommodation on a one-on-one with Christine.

Q: You mentioned about job opportunity, do all the students from different courses get the same job opportunity?

A: For job opportunity, as soon as the students finish their fashion course, the school will send out emails notifying about job opportunities that’s been sent to the school through out their stay in school.

Q: So, the students will still received job opportunities even after they graduate?

A: yes. After the students graduate, the ย 6- and 8-weekers will received notifications up to 3-month, 14-weekers up to 6-month, 26-weekers up to 10-month and the 32-weekers up to 12-month.

For more info about the school you can:

1) go to their website:

2) join their facebook page

3) call the school and look for Christine at 416.968.6739 x 23

4) or email her

My experience in the school:

The school is located in downtown Toronto (bloor subway, yonge-charles intersection). Easily accessible through public transportation. I lived in Hamilton, so I’ve to take the go train every morning and afternoon. Yes, the commuting part was hard at first, but I’ve gotten used to it after the first 3 weeks.

I’ve taken the 26-week comprehensive makeup artist program, which includes hair, fashion, theatre, film&tv and prosthetics (basically everything but creature design). I’ve taken fashion makeup before at Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc., so I have a little bit more advantage than my classmates, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything. I came to the school with a mind-set that I do not know anything, so that way, I was able to learn as much knowledge as possible.

I have to say that in each course that I’ve taken, I am very satisfied with what I’ve learnt and how I can apply it to the real world. Every single instructor is amazing, and by far, the best makeup artists in the industry. No kidding! They are still active in the industry, and they are willing to share what they’ve learn in the real world with us. They are by far, one of the most humble, nicest, and talented people I’ve ever known. Each one of them taught us, not only the skills in makeup, but also skills to survive in the business.

The non-teaching staffs are amaaazing. They are friendly, and always willing to be there for us. John in the school’s store is always there to talk to me about products (because I’m a makeup junkie!), Humera at the receptionist always there to say hi/bye whenever I passed by the front door, Joy (oooh, Joy! love her!) is always there to listen to you whenever you have troubles or just to bring her cakes (lol). Odessa always send out job opportunities, always willing to give us advice about photoshoots etc (and I always love her wardrobe Christine! Christine is soo patient, and always willing to help students or potential students about anything! payment, visa, permit, accommodation.

The President, Pamela (or Pam), always come out to check each class, talk to the students during lunch time to see how we are doing. Full of smile and always so friendly and nice to everyone!

I love all my instructors: Paula (hair), Jackie (fashion), Kelly (theatre), Tony (prosthetic), and Candice (film&tv). The photographers that take crazy amazing pictures and help build my portfolio: Maxime Bocken and Maja Hajduk. Love my classmates and I’ve made really good friends with a few of them.

Let’s put it in perspectives: I went there for 6-months, every weekend I always get a photoshoot. I was able to work at the IMATS show. Before I even finished school, I was asked to do Ms. Universe Canada Toronto 2010 makeup because of the job notification and during X-mas break, I was able to work with a photographer and model and we were published in an online magazine (Kismet).ย A job given by the school allowed me to work with the photographer over and over again, and now she just recommended me to another photographer. Some of my classmates and other students from another class offered and took me out on jobs.

I finished school 2 weeks ago, this is my schedule this week: friday, saturday, sunday: photoshoots, my schedule next week: wednesday, friday, saturday: photoshoots, sunday: bridal trial. I’ve even collaborated with Sizzle/Koi (a club in Hamilton) to open a beauty bar on friday and saturday nights.

The school PREPARES you to get job and to do your job out there. But of course, there’s so much that they can do to help you get jobs. You have to be willing to do your parts too!

I totally recommend Complections to whoever you are out there who wants to become a great makeup artist. If you’re really sure this is what you want to do, go do it! Grab your dream!