Photoshoot with Jason Li and Sara Dockrell

Whew! Today’s been a long day! Well, actually it didn’t feel that long, except when we have to stand outside in the…I’ve been wondering whether I should share with you guys what I did in a shoot and stuffs, so I think I’ll share this one, esp. since I think it’s worth mentioning!

This is for you guys out there who wants to become a makeup artist/model/photographer, for fashion esp. It’s not always “glam”! You’ve seen it on TV, and you’ll see it here..

Today’s weather: 3-3.5 degree celcius (without wind chill)..with windchill prolly 0 to -2

This was a test shot, she had to take off her coat and she was wearing: a shirt, skirt and heels was snowing a little bit, but the wind was a killer..we moved to a different location after we stopped by starbucks to warm up ourselves. We had 3 different locations, all outdoor! I’m telling ya, even tho’ it was freezing cold, none of them complained! We had blankets with us and we throw it to Sara whenever we took a break. She’s a trooper!

I’m sure the pics will turn out aweome!

If you MUAs/Photographers/Models want to work with them, this is where you’ll contact them:

Jason Li:

Sara Dockrell:

Another shoot coming up tomorrow!! =)