The Sorceress – Daniela Majic Photography

So, I was helping out for a last minute photoshoot for a local (hamilton) photographer, Daniela, last sunday. I was hoping to go with her to the location, but I’ve already had other plans made for the day. Anyhooow! The theme was black and goth, and I was excited to do the makeup since I found out that the model is Asian! =D

It’s been pretty rare for me to work on an Asian model for some reason (bt i’m getting another asian model nxt sunday..wooohoo)..Anyways, to make the story short, went to Daniela’s place around 9am, then when I arrived, the model was getting her hair done by Daniela’s mom. I saw the dress, OMG..CAN I SAY AMAAAZING..Daniela’s mom, sister and herself basically took part in the process of making the dress. They’re a bunch of talented artists I’m telling ya. Multi-talented artists

Anyhow, if you want to see more click here!