Brows are sisters, not twins!

Talking about brows!! I’m sure you guys have gone nuts about my full…I normally trim my brows or clean up the stray hairs. I do shaped them using the petite arc Anastasia Brow’s stencils, which you can find in Sephora. However, since I started makeup school, I’ve been slacking in the brow maintenance (as you guys might have known, i’ve to commute everyday hamilton-toronto – 1.5hrs on av. one way). I think it was about a month a go, my friend, she went to Benefit to get her brows done and I liked it. So, I’ve decided to just let it all grow and get it done in Benefit when I’m done with school

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to go down to Benefit (at Holt Renfrew in Bloor). I was lucky enough to meet with Chelsea Meraw, Benefit’s brow bar executive manager. She did my brows and gave me some info about benefit’s brow bar.

So, when I went to the counter, I was asked to read and signed an agreement. I think to have your brows done, you cannot be on an antibiotic medication, accutane etc. You’ll read it when you get’re then asked to sign the agreement. Right after I signed, Chelsea asked me “how would you get your brows done?“..I was pretty don’t know about you, but when I do my brows elsewhere, they never asked me that question. So I was like “uuuh……*silence* *confused look*”…LOL

Chelsea was very helpful and kind. She asked me if she can trim my brows, then proceed to applying the special wax that Benefit uses. She then, clean up the wax with lotion and plucked the strays that the wax missed. In every step, Chelsea explained to me what she was going to do and what products she’s using.

The waxing part, btw, is less painful than other places. Actually, the whole experience was pretty painless altogether, compared to other places. Chelsea explained that the wax that Benefit uses is different than other brow waxes in which their wax does not adhere to the skin, just to the hair. The wax wasn’t too hot, it’s warm enough for you to feel comfortable. Even the plucking didn’t hurt.

After brows were nicely shaped and cleaned, she handed me a mirror so I can take a look at it and to see I’d like to remove more or if she missed any hair. Then, she proceed by applying concealer, highlighter, fill in my brows and recommending products that I might be interested in

So, here’s some pics of my brow(s) before and after (descriptions under each pics)


I actually liked it. It’s thinner than how I usually have them (even if I shape it, but I actually don’t mind it at all. I, also, liked their pencil highlighter. I am NOT a fan of whatever she used to fill my brows. I prefer Anastasia brow wiz. It’s a bit more expensive than going to other places, but I don’t mind it for the 1st probably will go back if needed.

Chelsea also mentioned that everyone at Benefit is being taught to do the same thing, so everyone will give you the same shape of brows. So you don’t have to worry if Chelsea or whoever attended you first isn’t there, you can look for other people, and still get the same brows!

Cost: $23 (tax and tips not incl.)

Location: Benefit brow bar at Holt Renfrew, Bloor

Update from Chelsea:

Generally, a brow arch is the number one service done poorly and people have had many poor experiences. At Benefit people usually open to us if they are new and uneasy to explain to us what they like, don’t like or previous poor experiences they have had. Usually I will hear: “I want an arch” or “Not too thin”. It puts a lot of customers at ease knowing we are highly trained in helping them feel comfortable with our technique and approach to give them a Benefit Brow

Thanks Chelsea! People, get going and do your brows at Benefit Brow Bar! They’re soooo freaking amazing! Don’t forget to tip, yes? =D

I am not being paid or endorsed by Benefit. I do this purely for experience and whatever I wrote here is my own personal opinion based on my own experience, unless otherwise noted.