Balm Shell Beauty Party

Today’s post is going to be filled with pictures! So, I was invited to the BalmShell Beauty Party in their office on Wednesday. I know it took sometime for me to upload the pictures from the party, but I was busy lately. Anyhow! The party was great. I met other beauty bloggers in Toronto (finally!) and get tons of goodies. Shout out to the great BalmShell staffs!

So, a bit of background about BalmShell:

1) Founded by twin sister, Jenny and Fiona

2) Canadian brand

3) Sell lipgloss that are moisturizing and high-shine

I talked to Jenny at the party and asked her a few questions regarding their products. I was delighted to find out that their lipgloss are:

a) Petroleum Jelly free

b) Paraben free

c) Mineral oil free

d) Made for consumers instead of makeup artists

e) very cute packaging

To be honest, I had my doubts when I first saw their products. I’m not a fan of lipgloss or lipsticks. I don’t quite like putting products on my mouth unless necessary. BUT, I’ve to say I’m very very very satisfied with the lipgloss, but I’ll save that for later. Pictures for nooooow!! (click on each for description)

If you want to know more about BalmShell lipgloss, stay tuned ( for a product review on the lipgloss and the stains. If you want to know more about the company, go visit their site at

If you’re interested in getting the yummy cupcakes or the customized biscuits/cookies go check prettysweet