Broken Eyeshadow – how to fix it

I don’t know if any of you noticed a broken quad palette amongst the others…It’s like the ugly duckling! I can’t helped but fixing it! I can’t stand broken eyeshadows…lol..Anyway, the tutorial will be helpful if you have broken eyeshadow/blush

What you need:

1) Spatula or anything that you can use to scoop the broken eyeshadow

2) 99% alcohol in a spray bottle – you can get 99% alcohol at shopper’s

3) Tissue (or Kleenex, as the Canadians called it..=P)

How to fix it:

1) Scoop all the broken pieces back to its container – try to scoop as mucha s possible

2) Flatten them if they are soft enough

3) Spray alcohol at it until it’s wet enough for you to make a paste or damped enough for the shadow to turn into a semi-liquid – not in the powdery form anymore

4) Flatten with spatula

5) Grab a tissue/kleenex and place on top of the broken eyeshadow

6) Press on it until most of the alcohol is absorbed

7) Leave it overnight

No description under each photo since I already explained it step-by-step above..:)