Plaid Magazine Interview

Plaid magazine is an online magazine that is updated weekly. I have the chance to meet with the owner/editor of the magazine and I asked her to give me a guest post for the blog. Fortunately, she says yes! Say hello to Odessa Paloma Parker. She’s an amazing lady with her own unique style. She’s kind enough to talk about her magazine and the latest trend for  spring 2010 fashion and beauty, as well as Toronto Fashion Week 2010. Check out the full story below, and photos. Thanks, Odessa!

Plaid Magazine is about incorporating interesting interviews and well written articles with great photo shoots, illustrations, music, artistic collaborations and more. I wanted to make a magazine that spoke to my generation; we’re not all millionaires, and we have different ways of spending our time, and like a mixture of different aesthetics. I think you can dress one way and still appreciate other artistic visions, and that’s what I want to present with Plaid. It’s also important for me to have it be for everyone, as so much about fashion and art is about being diverse and exploring androgyny.

We’re just finishing our first month online but have already received an incredibly positive response from readers and clients – in Toronto and internationally! In the next few months, expect more interaction with the site, and many more amazing stories featuring local and international talent! I’m so glad to have start this when technology allows us to present ideas in so many different ways; and I’m also excited to produce our first print issue, as I really do feel like there’s still a place for the tangible object of a magazine.

For spring 2010, I’m loving a bold matte lip, like the one we had in our Head & Shoulders story. It’s hard to pull off, but it really makes an outfit look polished instantly. We’re also putting together a story featuring bright, metallic eyes; I’m really liking a red eye this season. I have Emanuelle by NARS, and on the few occasions when I wear eye make-up, I’ll blend it over a more subtle white/gold shadow to get a really futuristic but still chic effect. Also, I think the fake tattoo trend is pretty cool – I love that make-up artists and manufacturers are picking up where McQueen left us, and pushing the boundaries of conventional beauty, and what it means to wear “make-up” and adorn yourself.

Fashion week in Toronto is always a pretty subdued affair, but I thought Sabrina Rinaldi’s make-up for the NADA presentation was awesome! It really completed the glamazon, warrior woman Nada Sheppard had created for her collection’s presentation. Kenji Sato’s tattoo work and roughed up make-up for the Ezra Constantine show was cool too – very edgy for this city. It really suited the clothes, too.